UKBFF Linda Gartside

Name: Linda Gartside (Linny)

Age: 44

Star Sign: Cancer

Residency: UK

Height: 1.62m 

Contest Weight:136 lbs

Off Season Weight:149 lbs

Nickname: Linny

Favourite bodypart to train: Back

Worst bodypart to train: Calves, I cramp up really quickly.

Training: I'm currently in the process of building my shape to be more aesthetically pleasing & streamline.

I am now competing in the WPD category (women's physique division) & I'm focussing on building more detail in my quads, a wider v taper, & the most lacking part my shoulders.

With these parts brought in line with my back, I will finally be satisfied with the package I bring.

Influential BodyBuilder: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Best Part of Competing: Knowing full well that I have beaten my family history of obesity :)

Achievements in competing so far: 

2014 UKBFF UKOne 1st

2014 UKBFF British Finals 3rd

2014 UKBFF Welsh Grand Prix 1st   

2013 Nabba Worlds Italy 3rd

2012 Nabba Universe England 1st

2011 Nabba Worlds Brazil 5th

2011 Nabba Britain finals 1st & overall

2010 Nabba UK 1st

2010 Nabba England 2nd 

Titles:  Miss Wales 2014, Miss Universe 2012,  Miss Great Britain & Overall Champion 2011,  Miss UK 2010

Sponsored by: Evolution Gym & Harlequins Bikinis