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UKBFF Welsh Grand Prix

Wow major happenings here :) Had a huge learning curve in 2013, I had a choice to make....change federations or stick within my comfort zone, I chose the latter & life threw me the biggest of curve balls, that hit me square in the face. I took part in a competition that I didn't want to do, my heart & soul wasn't in it, therefore I crashed & burned & wasn't able to deliver the best I normally do....BUT life has a funny way of rerouting your path if you don't follow what was meant to be, & boy did it reroute me :)

The rest of 2013 was spent beating myself up, for not following my heart, & I decided right there & then NOW was the time to do what I should have at the start of 2013. so exactly 1 year later I switched federations & joined the UKBFF, this was the 1st federation I wanted to compete in, but there was no class for me. 2013 saw a new class being brought to the UKBFF stage, the female physique division, time to start school all over again as a new girl in a new federation, in a new class :)

I decided to prep myself, if anybody knows my body then it's me. The shortest of diets 19wks started, & I must say I have been the most relaxed ever. I kept it very quiet I was competing, as this is something I needed to do myself, I needed to put right a wrong from 12 months ago :)

May 24th 2014 I stepped on stage at the UKBFF Welsh Grand Prix. No expectations, no pressure, I just wanted to belong in a class that I had somewhere to work towards going. Getting back on stage after crashing & burning the year before was certainly the biggest lesson, & self belief & a lot of surrounding myself with like minded people that understood helped more than they will know. The outcome restored my faith, my belief, my drive, my passion, I placed 1st & qualified for the UKBFF British Finals in October, now my aim is to do something else I've never been that good at STAYING LEAN.

So heres to the next challenge, & I raise my protein shake to all the new & old friends that are still a huge part of my life :) much love xx


Wow how time go's by so fast. Been a while since I've shared my news with you all.

I've been studying hard & just recently passed my advanced Personal Trainer certification level 3, & currently working towards my level 4. I'm so looking forwards to helping individuals with eating disorders, that have had no where to turn to for help, or it's fallen on deaf ears. So excited about my new venture, & finally I can give back to people that are a mirror of myself.

I hit a health issue. I was diagnosed with having gout, it's an hereditary illness in my family, & boy I've been lucky enough to share it lol. It's damn painful when it flairs up, but like everything else in my life, I take it on the chin & just get on with it. When it does flare up like this week, I take the week off training,  it's here to stay so let's see what we can do to deal with it successfully :0)

Training wise has been a total success. I've brought up all my lagging body parts, & I'm very happy with the progress the off season that I greatly needed has brought me. I'm now looking at staying within 10lbs of my competition weight, as I feel I have reached the size required for my category.

I hope you've all had productive training, & are happy with everything you have set your heart & soul on.
That's all for now, watch this space ;0)
Linny xXx

Spring is here finally & I've found my mojo, hearing the birds serenading me in the mornings is so refreshing to wake upto.
Winter is a hard time for me as I suffer from SAD, hence the reason for spring to be a welcoming sign, makes me feel like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis :)

Decided to shed a few layers, to see what I've been working on has been enough to step on stage again this year. If not it's back to the drawing board.
Working with my coach Ken 'Skip' Hill, has been the best decision ever made. He's helped me keep my head straight through my 1st ever real off season, without the help of Ken & my wonderful boyfriend Gaz, I feel I would have just let it all go.

Pressed my best ever weight on leg press too, 968lbs for 12 reps, it's an on going competition with myself to see how much this old girl can do, before I snap.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to this year, onwards & upwards my friends.

The New Year WELL HELLO :)) made myself a special promise to go hell for leather for the next 6 months to find out where exactly it will take me.

Also I can be quite lapsidasical when it comes to taking my supplements on a regular basis, so I'm making sure that my super 6bag that I was bought as a gift has the supplement section filled in each evening so then the cupboard is safe from me ransacking it in the morning bleary eyed then getting annoyed because I forget what I'm supposed to take.

1st session of 2012 completed & I must say it certainly went with a bang. Chest & back trained together on the same session & most surprised to see all my lifts are up & I'm feeling good. Life in the old dog yet :)


1st blog at the end of a triumphant year for me. It all seems a faded memory now & not quite sure I've grasped the liking to off-season mode, everything is so much bigger....especially my ass!

Sticking to a routine has to be the key for me. The week over Christmas was fantastic, especially now my eating disorder has been removed, it's such a blessing to not stuff my face for the sake of it, really does take the pressure off ;0)

Day 1 of me attempting to get out of bed to do fasted cardio at 5.45 was met with a reply of ''hell no'' & I fell back to sleep.......

Right off to sort out my plan of attack, nothing will be missed, no matter how hard it is to get a structure going! Once my wheels start to turn there's no stopping me, just need to find how to remove the brake. This dream is far from over. Y'all have a good day now :))


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